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.....What happens when your customer wants his order in a day, or if your heat treater decides that his idea of a 1 day turn around is approximately 2 weeks. Well then you hope that the plater can accomodate you in the fastest time possible

..... Precise Finishing Co, Inc. was founded in 1981, with a commitment to ensure the highest quality and most timely service in the finishing industry. With our consistent quality, fast turnaround times, and competitive pricing we have remained one of the leaders in our industry.

.....Whether it's Gold, Silver, Nickel or Tin electroplating, Military Specification or Company Specification, Barrel or Rack plating, Precise Finishing Co, Inc. is here to meet your needs. Our Quality Control Department uses some of the most advanced techniques along with X-ray testing to ensure that all plating meets US Military specifications and customer requirements.

Outstanding Service Our turnaround times are half those of our competition. Often we are able to provide 24 hour service. You will not find a faster turnaround time in the plating industry.
High Quality Even the fastest time is of little value unless the quality is consistently high. We pride ourselves on our consistently high quality. Our customers repeatedly come back to us as well as recommend us to others because they know they can rely on our plating. They know we treat their order as if it is our most important.
Competative Pricing Because we are a relatively small, well run company, we are able to keep our costs under control and offer prices that are competitive in the industry. Moreover, because of our fast turnaround time, you will save on lower inventory and lost time.
Stability Since our start in 1981, Precise Finishing Co, Inc. has grown into a 15,400 square-foot facility in Franklin Park, serving all of the Chicagoland area as well as across the entire country. Our low turnover rate among our employees gives us nearly 60 years total plating experience.

Our plating line consists of:
Electroless Nickel
Tin (bright & Dull)
Nickel (bright & dull)

Dow # 20
Chemical Film & Etch
Yellow & Clear Chromate
Wax Dip

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